September 21, 2015


Regular Joe finally got its wish — contestable waves all weekend long at Sebastian Inlet’s fabled 1st and 2nd Peaks. And with the shot of surfer came a flood of first time winners, headed by the newly crowned King of the Joes, Steve Sherard, an outfitter and lifeguard at John’s Island Club in Vero Beach. Sherard advanced to the Super Heat by winning the Keepers of the Coast category, outpointing runner-up Roger Ross by a point and a half. The shocker of the contest, however, was the failure of two-time King Kelly Branagh to even make it to the Super Heat as another first-time Regular Joe contestant, Elliott Grozan, took the 49 & under short board title by just under 2 points. Joining the two in the Super Heat were Surf & Protect winner Jake Couture, Regular Joesies titleist Lori Bray, Regular Joe longboard victor Jack Hargreaves, 50+ short board #1 Sean Hayes and Forever Hippie! winner Justin Eckhoff, who edged out Couture for the highest total score in the preliminary heats.

After clean surf most of the day on Saturday, increasing northeast winds made for really fun peaks in the final as the seven qualifiers caught tons of waves, led by Sherard and Eckhoff who tallied 9 and 10 waves respectively in the 20-minute heat. In the end, the nod on the two best waves went to Sherard in an extraordinarily close decision.

While the Regular Joe crown went to Sherard, kudos were also due to Pete Anderson of Pareidolia Brewing Company in Sebastian who lit up the awards ceremony with a pony keg of Tail Stall IPA, custom brewed especially for Regular Joe. Anderson, himself a longtime surfer, said he tried to capture in the brew his memories of surfing the Inlet some 30 years ago. Mission accomplished! Best Awards Ceremony ever!

3rd Annual Regular Joe Results

Super Heat Finals

King of the Joes) Steve Sherard

2) Justin Eckhoff
3) Elliott Grozan
4) Jack Hargreaves
5) Jake Couture
6) Sean Hayes
7) Lori Bray

Regular Joes 49 & Under short board
1) Elliott Grozan
2) Kelly Branagh
3) Justin Eckhoff

Regular Joes 50+ short board
1) Sean Hayes
2) Robert Jones
3) Gerry Tudor

Regular Joes 50+ longboard
1) Jack Hargreaves
2) Dan Sullivan
3) Bob Freeman

Surf & Protect
1) Jake Couture
2) Chris Marconi

Suits & Scrubs
1) Brody Sorensen
2) Tripp Bolton

Regular Joesies short board
1) Lori Bray

Regular Joesies longboard
1) Joann Bolton

Forever Hippie
1) Justin Eckhoff
2) Art Lueck
3) Dan Sullivan

September 18, 2015 — Update

Bring It On!!!

The 3rd Annual Regular Joe Surf Festival will start tomorrow morning at 7:30 with an early heat. Regular heats will start at 8:00 a.m and continue through the morning with the High School Surf Relay expected to start around 11:20 a.m. The start of the afternoon session will depend largely on tide and wind conditions. Please click on the link at left to view the heat schedule.

And, to make sure we will all have the maximum fun possible, we’ll be having the “It Was So Nice, We’re Doing It Twice” Surfer Stomp at Sebastian Inlet Surf & Sport, starting around 6:30. There will be food & drink and yes, there will be a live band, Cottonside, so a good time is guaranteed for all.

Please call 305-495-7015 with any questions about heats or contest schedule.

See you in the a.m.!

Sept. 15, 2015 — Update

We’re doing everything we can to tell the ocean to get organized for this weekend, Sept. 19 & 20 ‘cuz we’re having a contest folks. Online registration has been reopened so feel free to click on the link to the left and sign up.

The forecast has been jumping all over the place, but we’re hopeful that things will come together and give us a decent shot of swell. And, since we’re holding the contest, and since we just happen to have lots of leftover beer and smoked pork, we decided we might as well gather at Sebastian Inlet Surf & Spot on Saturday night and responsibly dispose of those leftover stockpiles. We’re calling the “It Was So Nice, We’re Doing It Twice” Surfer Stomp. Y’all Come!

Sept. 11, 2015 — Update

Contest delayed, but we party on!

Based on the latest surf reports and meteorological information, the Regular Joe Surf Festival Competition Committee has unanimously decided to push the surf contest to the back-up dates of Sept. 19/20. Long range reports indicate a 2-4 foot northeast swell that will provide substantially better swell than what is currently in the water.

This means that we can all pay homage and tribute to the legendary Dick Catri this Saturday night without the worry of getting up in the morning to compete. We are truly blessed and excited to put on this event and hope you will join us at Sebastian Inlet Surf & Sport Saturday for a very special evening.

Pray for Surf!!!

Sept. 9, 2015


Quick notes for your Regular Joe weekend…
Noon Thursday: Don’t miss Surfrider’s Eric Schwarze and the legendary Dick Catri as they talk about Florida Surfing, Regular Joe and the Tribute to Dick at Sebastian Inlet Surf & Sport with 89.5 - WFIT’s Todd Kennedy. Big thanks to Todd & WFIT for all the support. 5-8pm Friday: Social hour, late registration, swag bag pick-up, smack talk and more at Monkey Bar in Indialantic. Two-time King of the Joes Kelly Branagh will be there with his trophy and Cottonside will be playing live and showing off their first CD. Show Monkey Bar how much we appreciate their support by showing up and hydrating.

7:30 am Saturday: Late registration and swag bag pick-up at Sebastian Inlet Surf & Sport. 8898 S. Highway A1A

8:00 am Saturday: Contest starts at Sebastian Inlet State Park. Or doesn’t. Tide is high at 8 am, so start may be delayed pending surf conditions. Call 305-495-7015 for updates from the beach.

Noon Saturday: High school surf relay. More fun for the kids in a unique format. Expect teams from Melbourne, Satellite and Eau Gallie High Schools.

6:30 pm Saturday: Surfer Stomp party at Sebastian Inlet Surf & Sport. 60 Years of Florida Surfing: A Tribute to Dick Catri. Music from Quarterbones & My Remedy, food, drink, vendor booths and fun. Sponsored by our friends at Monkey Bar. Get your picture taken with the legendary Catri, courtesy FotoLucid. Free to competitors, open to the public, very family friendly. Contributions to Sebastian Inlet Surfrider Foundation strongly suggested.

8am Sunday: Contest continues, conditions permitting.

5:30 pm Sunday (approx.): King of the Joes Super Heat.

6:15 pm Sunday: Awards party on Upper Deck of Inlet Grill. Cold beverages courtesy of Pareidolia Brewing Company of Sebastian, FL

August 31, 2015


Today is the last day to take advantage of Regular Joe’s super discount pricing. You have until midnight tonight to register online or postmark a printed registration form for just $45! Here’s what you get when you register … Four 20 minutes heats over two days at 1st or 2nd peak, 3 parties and a swag bag that includes a custom Regular Joe T-shirt. Such a deal. Do it today, cuz tomorrow the price goes up to $65.

August 22, 2015


More awesomeness for Regular Joe! In our ongoing efforts to make Regular Joe the best “surf contest for the rest of us” AND the best party weekend, we’ve teamed up with our friends from Monkey Bar to hold a Friday night Happy Hour packet pick-up and late registration event. And since we just can’t seem to do anything without music, we’re happy to announce that the little old band known as Cottonside will be on hand to pump up the volume. Don’t know Cottonside? You may know guitarist/vocalist Anthony LoGalbo, who has made the King of the Joes super heat the last two years, but hasn’t been able to topple Kelly Branaugh. We’re hoping drummer John Coker will be able to surf Joe as well. This party is open to all registered entrants, all folks who want to enter and just about anyone who wanders into Monkey Bar. Join us to get the weekend rolling!

August 22, 2015


This is going to be EPIC! With the generous sponsorship of Monkey Bar, the annual Surfer Stomp is entering new territory as we pay well-deserved tribute to one of the seminal figures in Florida surfing history, Mr. Dick Catri. Dick has been a great supporter of Regular Joe from the very beginning and we felt it was only fair to return the favor with a big party in his honor.

As usual, there will be tons of food, the highlight being the smoked pulled pork created by Chef Don Sackett, our next door neighbor at Salt Cracker Gardens. The music factor will be headed up by Mark Baker’s “Quarterbones” with another band to be confirmed any day now.

Cindy Leon of FotoLucid will be setting up a photo booth so that all attendees can have their pictures taken with Dick and we’re requesting that old friends show up with any mementos or photos from back in the day. Of course, we’ll have signed Dick Catri original logo Tshirts available for sale.

The Surfer Stomp is free to contestants and family. We suggest that all others stop by the Surfrider tent as they enter the party and make a donation. All proceeds go to support Surfrider’s Rise Against Plastics campaign.

July 10, 2015

Regular Joe Online Registration Now Open

Register Early for Huge Discounts

Online registration for the 3rd Annual Regular Joe Surf Festival is now open and there are a couple of really good reasons to register early. First and foremost, Joe is capped at 96 participants. Once it’s full, it’s full. This let’s us guarantee that every entrant gets four full 20-minute heats over the two days of the contest, not to mention two good parties, a swag bag and a ton of fun.

Even better, if you register by August 31, you only pay $45, an incredible deal. On September 1, the price jumps to $65. And if you’re the kind of surfer who waits until the morning of the contest to see what the surf looks like before you commit, well, you’ll pay $75 for the privilege.

And here’s a special deal for a crew of four who want to surf all their heats together, just like a foursome in a charity golf event. Give yourself a team name (like Miami Surfrider or Crazy Surfing Lawyers) and submit all 4 applications together. You’ll pay only $40 each and have a great time battling for bragging rights. Call 321 574 0600 if you have any questions about this super deal.

Remember, Regular Joe is all about having fun while supporting a great organization – the Sebastian Inlet chapter of Surfrider Foundation. The local chapter is one of the most active in the country and works tirelessly to protect Mother Ocean. Whether it’s organizing dune plantings, sponsoring elementary school clubs, educating government officials, spearheading the voluntary plastic bag reduction campaign in Melbourne Beach or putting on the enormously successful Ocean Reef Beach Festival, the Sebastian Inlet chapter is on the case 365 days a year. (Kinda makes surfing Regular Joe seem like a civic duty, doesn’t it?)

July 5, 2015

Hey Ho, Let’s Joe!

New Categories for Regular Joe Surf Festival Announced

As we swing into the contest’s 3rd year, we’ve made some exciting changes to the competitive categories that are sure to please. The three biggest changes: changing the age breaks, adding a women’s category and adding long board categories.

Here are the new categories:

Suits & Scrubs

Preserving the legacy of the original Doctors, Lawyers & Weekend Warriors, we’re combining all the legal and medical folk into one hotly contested division. No age breaks, men and women welcome. If you can handle the pressure, you can win your way into the King of the Joe’s Super Heat by dominating right here.

Regular Joes
Here’s where we go big! There are now four categories under the Regular Joe banner:
49 & Under short board
50 & Over short board
49 & Under long board
50 & Over long board

Keepers of the Coast
This one’s for Surfrider pride. Members of Surfrider Foundation get two categories this year and we expect bragging rights to be fiercely debated for years to come. (Really, do the Miami Surfriders leave the South Beach club scene and paddle right out for a dawn patrol session?) No age breaks, men and women welcome: Keepers short board
Keepers long board

Surf & Protect
Honoring military, police, fire fighters and EMTs, this division is for the women and men who strive 24/7to keep us safe. No age breaks, long and short boards all together.

Forever Hippie!
Honoring flower children of all ages … you know who you are! No age breaks, long and short boards together, men and women in perfect harmony.

Regular Joesies
Some girls are just tired of beating the guys, hence they get their own divisions … and the highest scorer gets a golden ticket to the King of the Joes Super Heat. No age breaks, separate divisions for long & short boards. You go, girls!

King Of the Joes Super Heat Qualifiers
They’re already calling him King Kelly and, no, his last name isn’t Slater. Proud proprietor of, Kelly Branagh has surfed his way to the King of the Joes title in the first two editions of the Regular Joe Surf Festival, the Contest for the Rest of Us. Rather than just disqualify him because he doesn’t surf like the rest of us, we decided to make the King’s path to the incredibly prestigious title just a little tougher.

Want to surf the contest-ending Super Heat? Here’s who gets in:

1) The winner of the Suits & Scrubs
2) The highest overall scorer in Regular Joe 49 & Under (long board or short board doesn’t matter, we’re taking the Joe who scores the highest.)
3) The highest overall scorer in Regular Joe 50 & Over.
4) The Keepers of the Coast winner
5) The Surf & Protect winner
6) The Forever Hippie! winner
7) The Regular Joesies highest scorer.

In the event of an unexpected opening in the Super Heat final, the slot will go to the highest overall scorer regardless of age, category, gender or board length. When choosing your division to enter, as they said in the old Indiana Jones flick, Choose Wisely.

June 9, 2015

Bring It On!

Regular Joe 2015 Dates Set

The 3rd Annual Regular Joe Surf Festival is set to roll again at the height of Sebastian Inlet’s fall wave season. Double defending King of the Joes champ Kelly Branagh will join a field of Regular Joes on Saturday & Sunday, September 12 & 13, 2015 at Sebastian Inlet’s famed 1st and 2nd Peaks.

As usual, the event will kick off on Saturday morning with a Founders Heat at 8 a.m. and Day One will end with a roaring Surfer Stomp at Sebastian Inlet Surf & Sport. All participating surfers will surf two heats each day and the contest will wrap up with an Awards Ceremony at the Inlet Grill.

The format will undergo a few tweaks, so visit regularly as we release updates. You can also click here to join our email list.

September 24, 2014

All Systems Joe!

We're going underground for the King of the Joes Super Heat

The call has been made and the Super Heat finalists will assemble at the shop Sunday morning, September 28 at 7:30 am to slug it out for the prestigious 2014 King of the Joes title. The lovely Miss Gay has agreed (albeit under severe protest) to show up and put forth a spread of bagels, cream cheese and espresso to power our fearless competitors and judges.

2nd Annual Regular Joe Surf Festival Results

Regular Joes 40+
1) Kelly Branagh 37.32
2) Robert Jones 25.62

Regular Joe 39-
1) Anthony LoGalbo 32.99
2) Darren Speirs 24.99

Forever Hippie!
1) Art Lueck 32.98
2) Dan Sullivan 29.31

1) David Luker 34.66
2) John Spellacy 22.98

Keepers of the Coast
1) Sean Hayes 32.92
2) Eric Schwarze 30.32
3) Roger Ross 29.49

1) Tripp Bolton 27.5
2) Alicya Simmons

Surf & Protect
1) Rich Coble

2013 Event News

September 21, 2013


What a day! Clean Humberto surf continued to pump all day long and straight into the Super Heat as First Peak delivered beyond expectations for the First Annual Sebastian Inlet Regular Joe Surf Festival. Right off the bat, we want to extend sincere thanks to all the free surfers who were very cooperative in staying clear of the contest zone even though it was the best First Peak in ages. Thanks guys ... come surf with us next year!


Battles for the coveted slots in Super Heat were super tight in a couple of key categories. In the Regular Joe 39 & under group, Willy Cole rode his glowing green Zombiez longboard to a microscopic one tenth of a point victory over Anthony LoGalbo of the Inlet Grill. The Keepers of the Coast nod went to Eric Schwarze despite an outrageously strong final heat from beach marshall Roger Ross. In the Regular Joe 40+ division, Mel High Surf Team coach came out of the gate strong with a great first heat


Friday, but was ultimately gunned down by Kelly Branagh. And in the Forever Hippie group, Art Leuck dropped the barrel of the contest in his final heat to punch his ticket for the final. Amazingly, winners from five of the six categories were grouped within a point of each other, guaranteeing a tight race for the King of the Joes crown.


When Scrub Brady Sorensen had to withdraw, LoGalbo snuck into the final as first alternate and immediately popped a sweet 360. With both First and Second Peaks working, it was a tactical battle to see who could be right place, right time. One tactical error may have cost Willy Cole a shot at the win. After longboarding his way into the final, he switched to a short board and lost all the advantage of getting in the waves earlier. That open the door for Schwarze, who kept getting hip dips on steep right take-offs from First Peak. Ultimately, though Branagh was the class of the field, pulling away from the field with consistent sharp rides and snagging the King of the Joes trophy.


The Sebastian Inlet Chapter of Surfrider Foundation and Sebastian Inlet Surf & Sport would like to thank everyone who helped this first Regular Joe become a great success, Including Ranger Terry O'Toole, Justin & Sherrie and the whole crew at the Inlet Grill, Chris and Davel from our top sponsor, BoardStix, Coasters Pub & Biergarten, Florida Beer Company, Jersey Mikes, Brian at Tribu, Tony at Phix Doctor, Derek at SurfLock and Rubber Ducky. And, of course, a massive overwhelming thanks to Dick Catri. We invited the the man, the legend, the myth to come and announce our ceremonial New Founders heat and he wound up staying two days and announcing half the contest. What a guy!


To get a peak at how the action went down, here are a couple of galleries: This gallery has over 1100 images and they can be purchased through the website. Please note that many of the first pictures in this collection are free surfers surfing north of the contest zone, not Regular Joe competitors. Competitors will be in Regular Joe rash guards, either Red, Blue, White, Yellow, Orange or Green. Many thanks to J. Patrick Rice for being there.

Also, we have a photo stream on the Sebastian Inlet Surf & Sport Facebook page. These photos are courtesy of Jane Robson. Please credit her if you wish to use the photos for publication.


See you next year!


September 20, 2013


Thank you Humberto, thank you!


Day Two of the 1st Annual Regular Joe Surf Festival started this morning is absolute glassy perfection. The legendary First Peak hasn't looked this good in months, maybe years. Insane in the Membrane!

There are hot battles being fought in several divisions for the right to compete in the final Super Heat and earn the title of King of the Joes.


Also huge thanks to another legend, Dick Catri, who has been manning the mic and giving shout outs to surfers and sponsors alike. A true class act and hero to surfers everywhere.


If you missed the Surfer Stomp at Sebastian Inlet Surf & Sport last night, you missed it! The Shrednecks put it out there and got the crowd truly stomping ... not to mention incredible food homemade by Gay and Shannon and frosty cold beverages generously provided by Florida Beer Company.


Stay tuned for more updates.


September 20, 2013


Top heat scores posted by Sean Hayes, coach of the Mel High Surf Team, and Anthony LoGalbo, who works for Inlet Grill overlooking first peak.


September 19, 2013


THANKS FLORIDA TODAY! Awesome Regular Joe article in Florida Today this morning! Huge thanks to Sue DeWerff for putting it together. And thanks to Florida Today surf forecaster and longtime DLWW stalwart Bob Freeman for a great quote. Can't wait to see Bob's forecast in tomorrow's paper. We just might be getting lucky. Just got out of the water at dead high tide where some of the biggest sets since Sandy were marching in. It hasn't cleaned up yet, but there was plenty of size.

Things to know … you can still enter the contest. Best bet is to stop by Sebastian Inlet Surf & Sport to register and pick up your swag bag either today or on your way to the Inlet in the morning. The shop will open at 6:30 for the early birds.

New sponsors have joined the party including Surf Lock and Tribu. Winners are going to be very happy with what these two sponsors are adding to the prizing.


September 18, 2013


There's still time to do what David Barney and friends did this morning -- book your own Regular Joe heat! David and his 3 amigos will get at least 4 sessions in some pretty pouchy Inlet waves Friday and Saturday. You can book online right here on the website or print out the registration form and drop it by Sebastian Inlet Surf & Sport.


The swell is definitely building -- we surfed big chop this morning just north of the Inlet and the power was starting to show … makable walls for sure. Don't miss this one … it's the start of a new tradition!


September 17,2013



With Surfline calling for some juicy surf Friday and Saturday, the entries from around the state are starting to come in. We've got Regular Joes, Hippies and Scrubs coming from Winter Park, Delray Beach and Tampa, with a crew of 4 from Vero Beach fixing to put their own heat together. Don't delay -- grab your Regular Joe slot today!


By the way, the fine folks at the Inlet Grill are going to open earlier than usual on Friday and Saturday so you can get your feedbag on before paddling out. Not to mention, when you stop by Sebastian Inlet Surf & Sport to check in and get your swag bag, we'll have some high octane Espresso brewing just for you. See you Friday!


September 15, 2013


Think you’ve got what it takes to be the King of the Joes? Here’s how the contest will be scored:
1) Judging is based on ASP judging criteria for four-man heats.
2) Your heat score is determined by your top two top scoring waves in each heat.
3) Qualification for the King of the Joes Super Heat is determined by your two top heat scores over the two days of the contest.
4) The Super Heat will include the top scoring surfer from each of the six categories, regardless of age.

What this means is that even if you can’t surf on Friday, you can still qualify for the Super Heat by having two great heats on Saturday!